Griechischer Feta Käse PDO 200gr


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Original griechischer Feta-Käse 

Authentic FETA P.D.O. cheese
Protected Designation of Origin

Authentic FETA P.D.O. cheese, matured in brine, is made from fresh pasteurised sheep’s milk and goat’s milk from free grazing animals.

Τhe natural aroma of Mediterranean grasses and the company’s great tradition and knowledge in cheese-making, guarantee the unique, excellent taste of FETA. FETA is a basic ingredient of the Greek cuisine, adored by adults and kids.

Enjoy it – in an original Greek salad, – in sandwiches with sliced tomatoes, – with some drops of olive oil, lemon juice and oregano or pepper on top, – or simply as a tasteful addition to almost every Mediterranean dish.

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